Live a lifetime of good decisions

Venture into the mountains and you will be met with an intoxicating mix of inspiring landscapes and pristine nature, you will also be subject to the multitude of daily variables that decide whether the slopes on which you slide are safe. Avalanches are as natural as the mountains themselves and witnessing mother nature shake off …

Icing on the cake

For almost all her life Kajsa Larsson has been skiing, and yet it still feels like the vast opportunities are now opening up and she’s just getting started. Soon, economics and marketing studies in Oslo will be finalized, and then she’ll follow her calling and “move to a mountain, somewhere.” Exactly where doesn’t really seem …

Pioneer spirit

Jeremy Jones has been a bright star on the snowboarding scene for more than 20 years. As a true pioneer of the sport, leading the way with a new way of accessing the mountains with snowboards and working with mother nature, today he’s more relevant than ever. Eleven years after he founded Protect Our Winters, …

Charging the calculated mind

There are a lot of passionate skiers out there. There are even lots of extremely passionate skiers. But in Chamonix there is one skier, who exudes passion and positivity for the mountains more than anyone else, and who’s taking skiing to another level.


The CHPT3 x POC collaboration emerged, as natural as the Devesa forest itself. A beautiful balance of design, form and function laid on a groundwork of unconventional and positive thinking; see the wood for the threes.